what will happen during my Reflexology Session?

As holistic practitioners we aim to support you as a whole person and so during your first appointment we will conduct a full consultation including taking a medical history and gaining your consent for the treatment. You will be seated on a reclining reflexology chair and made comfortable with cushions and blankets if required. We gently cleanse and observe the feet to help us assess if there are any areas that need specific focus, before moving on to the main session. We will then start with an awakening and warming massage and move on to work the reflexes using thumb, finger and knuckle pressure to the feet, legs or hands. We always conclude sessions with a relaxing and calming massage, then provide feedback on any reflexes that we believe are out of balance. We also provide aftercare advice and any general lifestyle information that is within our field of experience. We use a range of professional and high quality mediums for treatments (including Songbird, Association of Reflexologists and Neal's Yard products) and will select the most appropriate one for you, we also provide vegan, unscented and nut free lotions, waxes and balms where appropriate.  Additional massage techniques and time is included in the specialist treatments including AromaReflex and Hot Stone Reflexology.

Reflexology is an easy therapy to receive and only involves the removal of shoes and socks or tights for a normal treatment. We suggest avoiding flip-flops, or loose sandals for Aromareflex treatments as it may leave the feet slightly oily. We do not offer Aromareflex in the first trimester of pregnancy as the body is going through wonderful changes, but is generally more sensitive to oils and aromas. If you are lucky enough to be under 16 years old we politely ask that you attend with a parent or guardian as we always follow AoR guidelines and will need their consent for the session.  In order to achieve the greatest benefit from treatments, it is beneficial to drink extra water following reflexology and to avoid heavy meals, alcohol/stimulants and strenuous activity for the rest of the day. Although this isn't always possible, taking time to relax afterwards and let your body feel the benefits of the treatment is highly recommended!

Whatever it is that brings you to reflexology, Hollytree Holistics welcomes you and we will always be glad to listen to you, respect you as an individual and answer your queries before booking, or throughout your course of treatments. You can always be confident in the knowledge that any information supplied remains confidential and will not be shared with third parties. We are happy to discuss home visiting if you are reasonably local and unable to get to us, or would genuinely find it more beneficial to be seen at home. We also believe that reflexology should be available for all and so reserve a limited amount of reduced price slots for those who feel that reflexology would benefit them, but have reduced means for a variety of reasons. If you or someone you know would benefit from these sessions, please contact us for further information.