Massage Treatments


£25.00 - 30 mins

Lower back, legs & feet

Neck, shoulder & back

£40.00- 60 mins

Full body

£60.00- 90 mins

Luxurious extended full body



£5 Supplement

Our reflexology & massage treatments


We provide a classic Swedish massage treatment which incorporates a mixture of invigorating and relaxing massage techniques to boost circulation, help ease aches and pains, help to lift mood and to aid relaxation. During a 30 minute session we can focus on specific areas such as Lower Back, Legs and Feet; great after a busy week, or how about Neck, Shoulders and Back to ease tension and to promote relaxation. In a 60 minute session we focus on the whole body and with a 90 minute session we add additional focus to problem areas and promote pure relaxation with luxurious and therapeutic organic essential oils and balms.                     


Alternatively we offer a holistic massage treatment which is tailored to your individual needs and will alter between people and between each of your appointments to suit your specific requirements. This can also incorporate holistic facial treatments, Indian Head Massage and reflexology points. Full holistic consultation included (add approx. 15mins to your treatment time).

Full Reflexology treatment- 60 mins


Plus a free 20 min initial consultation on first visit






Short reflexology treatment- 30mins



Reflexology is a wonderfully non-intrusive complementary therapy suitable for all ages and most people. It is based on the theory that our wellbeing can be improved by applying specific pressures to reflex points found on the body, including on the hands and feet. After a consultation, we start your session with a warming massage and then work the reflex points of the feet, adding specific focus to particular areas that may be out of balance. The treatment will last around 60 minutes, which includes a relaxing and soothing closing massage using organic nourishing lotions or balms

A shorter Reflexology session, also ideal as a taster/pamper session, corporate onsite massage appointment, or for maintenance purposes between full treatments.


'Aromareflex' treatment- 75 mins approx.




A luxurious relaxing and nurturing experience. Aromareflex takes the art and science of Aromatherapy and blends it with Reflexology to create the ultimate indulgence! You will receive a full Reflexology treatment and to enhance the benefits of the treatment we will blend carefully selected oils chosen just for you. You will then have your own blend applied throughout  your treatment, which is longer than a regular Reflexology session as it also incorporates advanced massage techniques. You will also be given a small blend pot to take with you so that you can maximise the benefits of your session at home.


Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage


45 minutes (dry)

30 minutes (oil treatment)






Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage- a mixture of invigorating and relaxing techniques are used during a seated / or massage couch based session. This treatment works the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper back as well as arms and hands. Please wear a cotton/natural fibre top, a long sleeve t-shirt is ideal.


Hot Stone Reflexology- 75 mins approx.






A soothing and deeply relaxing treatment using heated basalt stones specially selected for Reflexology. This is a longer, slower treatment that involves moving and holding heated stones on the lower legs and reflex points of the feet allowing deeper penetration of warmth and greater stimulation of the reflexes for healing. This is especially lovely in the winter months and can help to warm the whole body. Hot stone treatments may also be beneficial for stress relief, improved sleep, boosting energy levels, improving skin tone and texture through increased circulation, clearing sinuses and assisting with pain relief.


'Holly Belle'

Treatment experience-90 mins


£60 per person


Bespoke / corporate packages available on request


Fancy a magical evening wind down, or maybe an afternoon revive in a truly back to nature environment? Try our 'Holly Belle' treatment space which nestles in our wildflower paddock. Let us surround you with twinkling fairy lights, gorgeous music and heavenly essential oil aromas as you drift away into deep relaxation. Includes a Himalayan inspired foot soak, full Aromareflex consultation and treatment and a delicious glass of (non-alcoholic) fizz to finish. Also available as a gift voucher to treat the special people in your life!